Skinner Residence Custom Wood Sign

This is a hand painted and gold leafed sandblasted redwood sign for Casa de Skinner

I believe sand blasted redwood signs started making a showing in the early 1970’s. Walter Methner was doing sand blasted signs down in the beach area of Orange County. There were also a lot of redwood signs being done with a router, but the router limited the design and the […] Read more »

Frontier Steak House Sketch

A hand draw pen and ink drawing for print

Every sketch was done by hand using the pencil or pen and markers in the days before computer drawing programs. This building is one of the oldest in the Rancho Cucamonga area. It was home to one of the first wineries in Cucamonga and owned by Tiburcio Tapia, a local […] Read more »

Sketch of a 1940s Jukebox

I always did a scale sketch for any job that came up back then. I’d do a pencil sketch first, then a colored sketch once the deposit was received. A good friend of mine, Bob Babcock, owner of RWB Party Props in Orange, had me doing prop painting and sign […] Read more »

Santa Claus Custom Banner

A custom hand painted banner reading Season's Greetings done in enamel paint

I always liked doing custom banners and I still do. I use scaled artwork converted to a transparency and hand letter my banners with one shot enamel. When I had my shop in Anaheim I could do 40’ banners if necessary. Most of the time they were around 8’ in […] Read more »