Sketch of a 1940s Jukebox

A hand drawn sketch for the client’s approvalI always did a scale sketch for any job that came up back then. I’d do a pencil sketch first, then a colored sketch once the deposit was received.

A good friend of mine, Bob Babcock, owner of RWB Party Props in Orange, had me doing prop painting and sign painting for him back in the 1980’s. Bob is still doing business in Orange and over the years I’ve done a number of signs and props for him.

He needed a jukebox prop and asked if I could do a rough drawing first.

This is where my background in Architectural Drafting came into play. I was able to draw the final artwork to scale after getting the rough sketch approved. At the time even a 1940’s Juke Box was considered an old sign and required research and pictures of what they looked like.

I thought he wanted a perspective image so that’s how I did the sketch. As it turned out he wanted the prop without perspective, but I always liked this sketch and kept it.