Digital Print for Ray’s Barber Shop

A digital print sign I designed and applied to the exterior window of Ray's Barber ShopThis is a case where a digital print did exactly what the client wanted. The barbers wanted to be able to see thru the solid background of the logo because of it’s size and location in the middle of the two front windows.

Ray’s Barber Shop is one of the oldest barber shops in Old Towne Orange. I started going to Ray’s back when I started working at Disneyland. Roy and Ray have become friends of mine and I’ve done several signs for them.

Because they wanted two window signs that they could see through I had to research material that would work. I remembered the material they use on buses.

So, I designed the artwork in CorelDraw and had Sign mart make the prints.

After hand cutting the shape, I installed them on to the glass. Sitting in the chairs you can still see the girls from the college walking by.

McFadden’s Irish Pub Custom Metal Sign

This custom metal sign was hand painted
This bar & grill has a ground level custom metal sign by the entrance and is located in Tustin and was known for many years as McClures Bar & Grill. The new owners wanted a new look and of course a new name.

The logo was designed by a graphic designer and I incorporated it into the oval format of the existing sign. I designed the artwork in CorelDraw, made a transparency and then a pattern to pounce onto the surface. The background is primed and painted enamel and the lettering and logo are hand painted. All the lettering was done on site for this out door sign.