Orange City News, O.C. Register

Orange City News OC Register.
Last November I was contacted by Rebecca Kheel, a writer for the Orange County Register, North County Bureau, to do a profile on the art of sign painting. Rebecca had visited my website and thought hand painted signs would be a good subject for an article that readers of the Register would find interesting.
I was flattered and had to wonder about all this interest in a trade I’ve been in for over 40 years. I am still an active sign painter and don’t plan to retire for a while so I agreed to the interview.
Rebecca showed up on time to the house and was a pleasant and intelligent professional. A photographer arrived about 15 minutes later. It was nice to sit and talk with these two as Rebecca guided me thru the conversations as I showed them my design studio and the sign shop. Many pictures were taken and you can read the article and see the pictures at this link:
Rebecca was kind enough to send me some copies of the article in print form and I was contacted by a company that frames award pages, something I wasn’t going to do, but then I thought a framed memento was appropriate to highlight such a fine article.
So here it is. I hope you will enjoy the article and have a better understanding of this trade and the impact it has had on both commerce and the visual communications here in America and throughout the world