Hand Painted House Name Signs

hand painted house name signsThe sign is made of mdo plywood because I figured they would put it up outside, hanging from the porch or as a monument sign. I used all exterior paints. I used One Shot lettering enamel for the copy and toll painting, and I used exterior acrylic paint for the fjord pictorial scene. The background was coated out in bulletin white with a touch of ochre to give it a crème color. House name signs can also be carved or sandblasted which adds a dimensional effect to the sign. I use both redwood and High Density Urethane for dimensional signs. Precision Board HDU does not rot and can be carved, sanblasted or routed. These signs can also be gold leafed which adds a beautiful touch.

I did some research on the name ‘Solberg’ and discovered it meant ‘sun’ and ‘mountain’. I looked up examples of Norwegian toll painting and pictures of fjords in Norway, saved a couple, then picked the one I thought best represented the sun and mountain. The font I used is called ‘Freeform’, and it is in my fonts file, and it looked like it had a Norwegian feel for the sign so I used it.

So now the sign hangs in their home because they thought it looked too good to put up outside. They were very happy with the hand painted house name sign and all the personal touches and as an added compliment it now hangs in their home.