Vintage Railroad Signs and Art

Western Pacific Wall. An exterior wall sign hand lettered and aged at the Fullerton store. (763x800)I painted this Vintage Railroad Sign for Knowlwood’s Restaurant in Fullerton, located at the Santa Fe Train Station on Harbor Blvd. That was around 1985 or so. There were several Vintage Railroad  Signs inside the restaurant including a hand painted banner I did featuring a locomotive and the Knowlwood’s logo.

I have been fascinated with trains and railroads for years, and built a small train setting for my grand kids. At one time, trains were the principle mode of freight and public transportation and a lot of towns in the United States grew up around the railroad depots, especially if they were near water, which was needed for steam engine locomotives.

You can experience train rides at places like Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland, California. Up in Northern California there is the Skunk Railroad, and Roaring Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains, to name a few. There are many well known Railroad Museums throughout the Country. A good friend of mine, Bob Babcock has a small gauge railroad on his property and he runs the train on a quarter mile track at special events. An enjoyable ride that gives you the first hand experience of riding an old steam engine train.

While at Disneyland I designed and hand lettered the artwork on the locomotive tender for Engine No.1, the C.K. Holiday and also the lettering on the side of the engine. I have also lettered train signs for RWB Party Props in Orange and for clients with private collections.

Several years ago I became interested in Vintage Railroad Art. There were a lot of posters commissioned and some great logos designed for travel by train. It is possible to get these hand lettered as vintage railroad signs. I also paint dioramas and interior wall Vintage Railroad Logos and Signs.