Sign Making and the Art of the Web

My old sign making website

My old sign making website.

My name is Patrick Smith and I’ve been engaged in Sign Making for 40 years. I just received a note in my email account from David, reminding me to make a post to launch my new website that he designed.

I know that once I post the first ‘blog’ I should be alright with the rest. But on some levels this 66 year old brain has trouble understanding a blog. I shouldn’t have problems understanding a post, as I had to write the ones for each picture in my website portfolio.

For all you out there in my age group, embracing technology, and wanting to have it work for you, I hope that you will be able to find that comfortable mix of new world technology and old world experience. I think I did.

Dave has a real appreciation and love for comic book art. My early inspirations were comic and cartoon characters in print and on the screen and the great lettering that accompanied the art work. Without a doubt, I put Dave thru the paces and thank God he was real patient with my artistic personality. He knows the technical side of the web and worked at setting me and my website up in a way I could never have done. I furnished artwork and ideas that he worked into the design and I believe we came up with a good site.

I learned early on in my career as a sign painter and designer that educating my clients is an ongoing process, just as I am learning something new every day in my craft. That is why I wanted to make sure that folks who read my ‘tools of the trade’ would feel that they had a better understanding of the art of sign making as well as a visual comprehension of what sign writing and designing is.

So, here is my new website. I hope it gives all of you who peruse the pages some insight into the craft of sign painting and design. I hope you will realize the significant role the craft has played in the history of advertising and the importance of what it can be for you, the business person looking for that look that will attract the eye of your customers.