Vehicle Graphics RJ Electric

These vehicle graphics were done for RJ ElectricVehicle graphics is a term in today’s parlance that describes what we as sign painters used to refer to as truck lettering. This would also include pin stripping and any air brushed murals or illustration work done on vehicles. I would also include motorcycles in this category of work.

RJ Electric has been in Orange since 1983. Roger Rohm contacted me to letter one of their trucks back in the 1980’s after the sign painter they had been using retired. I had my shop in Anaheim at the time. I’ve hand lettered all of their trucks since then.
Recently Roger decided to change the logo. All of his older trucks are brown with primrose yellow and dark brown copy.

He called me to hand letter the new trucks. I offered to do part of the copy with vinyl but he likes the hand lettered look. I also did their new outside identification signs. This truck has the new paint job and new logo. As time and money permits, the new logo will be put on his fleet of vehicles.