Monument Sign for Placentia Lakes

A monument sign with gold leaf
One of the best ways to enhance a sign is to add gold leaf, just like on this monument sign.

I used to play piano for Kirkwood Assisted Living, here in Orange. Danielle lived at Placentia Lakes and put me in touch with the management company who needed two new entrance signs. The Management Company asked me to come up with a design and after it was approved and the deposit made i started on the signs.

A monument sign like this is done on 2” HDU board and router cut. I asked Frank Smika at Letter Perfect to route the signs and he completed the job. I had to have a local graphic designer prepare the artwork for the router.

I did the drawings for the construction of the sign and also the artwork for the new design. The sign was painted with Mann Bros. acrylics and ‘placentia’ was gold leafed with 22k gold. Both signs are double faced and this job was a real challenge but turned out well.