Coca Cola Vintage Sign

This sign was restored using hand painted and hand lettered techniquesThe contractor who brought me this sign is a collector of vintage Coca Cola memorabilia.

Steve bought this sign from a local dealer and it was totally thrashed. The sign face was barely readable and we figured it to definitely be a vintage Coca Cola sign.

What I thought to be one of the finer points of the sign was the metal border. It was tiered stamped metal and had rounded corners. The separate border was about eleven inches wide and had junction pieces that acted as decoration on the border.

I made traced over what was left of the artwork and then researched Coca Cola signs to try to find a similar looking sign.

Steve brought me a Coca Cola vintage sign book and we found artwork that was used on signs like this one. I had purchased a book with Coca Cola art also. He cleaned the metal and got it ready for priming and then I did the background and border in Fire Red. The most difficult part was duplicating the illustration from the picture in the book, but after several trying attempts it started to have the look of an old Coke sign. I painted the illustration with acrylics, Mann Bros. to be exact.

Once completed, I made brackets for the tiered border so they could be mounted on the old sign and then aged the sign to have that ‘vintage’ look.

Steve was happy with the finished sign and it now has a place at his home.