Chili’s Big Mouth Burger Interior Sign

Interior sign hand painted enamel
This interior sign was done for Chili’s Restaurant in Aliso Viejo back in 1997. I believe they contacted me from the phone book.

I did all the interior signs for this store and they were all on brick walls. At the time they furnished the patterns but the technology wasn’t good enough to get a clean pattern. The pen work had too little detail and there was no flow to the lines as I remember.

I requested a picture of the logo and enlarged it, then I did a trace over for a transparency to use with the overhead projector.

I used a large hand held pounce wheel to make the transfer holes. I used felt as a backing for the wheel on pattern paper. Whenever I’ve worked on brick or any rough surface the need for larger holes is imperative because of the rough surface. I had an electric pounce machine but the holes were not adequate.

The brick was also brutal on my fitches but the job was finished in the time frame given. A ‘fun’ job!