Bistrot Massilia Business Sign

Hand painted and constructed A-frame business sign for the Bistrot Massilia
An A-frame business sign is what this French Restaurant in Yorba Linda needed. I play piano there, part time.

When I started playing there I noticed that they had no outside advertising for Jazz piano. The idea of the piano was based on the Bistrot’s of Paris in the 1930’s when jazz was so popular, as I’m sure it is today. The idea has been a good one.

So, I did a couple of show cards and also convinced the owners that an A frame exterior sign would help bring in the customers. A-frame exterior signs in my opinion have always caught the eye so to speak. I’ve done quite a number of these ‘point of purchase’ signs over the years.

I designed the sign in CorelDraw and tried to keep the French motif. It was satisfying work, researching fonts that would make a good design. All the colors and panel shapes help to make this sign stand out and be noticed.

This A-frame sign has proved to be an asset that the Bistrot Massilia didn’t count on, showing that ‘point of purchase’ advertising does work.