Hand Lettered Accordian Case

A hand painted accordion caseI play the accordion and have always been intrigued by the lettering done on travel cases of old. I would compare this type of lettering to any of the finest Calligraphy that was penned back then or now.

It was common for suit cases and trade good boxes to be hand lettered with the product name and the individual’s name. I remember in ‘The Music Man’ how he had his suitcase lettered. Most of these hand lettered boxes were works of art.

I also remembered the work that British sign painters did on steamer trunks. The list of craftsmen who yield the brush is extensive.

So, I came up with this design, based on what I had learned and enjoyed seeing from the sign artists of yesteryear. Once I had my design I made a pattern so I could transfer it to my accordion box. The surface is not smooth. It has the texture like the skin on a Fender amp, but it is possible to letter. Of course I used enamel paint for the hand lettering and the illustration of the poppy. People will often ask me why the poppy?

I have two accordion cases and both are lettered the same.

I’ve had more than one person come up, comment on the lettering and take a picture of the case.